Save Money on Your Next Pre-Owned Vehicle in Harlingen, TX

When you're in search of an SUV, truck, or sedan, choosing a used model is a popular option because of all the money that you can save. Most people want to save money, and you'll know the benefits when you start shopping on our lot in Harlingen, TX. At Boggus Ford Harlingen, you'll appreciate how many high-quality used vehicles we have on our lot. When it comes to offering your preferred Ford models, you'll appreciate all the beautiful options we have for our customers.

Used SUV Options

The SUV is one of the top options in the automotive market because there are so many benefits. For instance, if you feel like you're always struggling to find enough room for luggage and gear on trips, you'll appreciate that most SUVs provide more storage space than a sedan. Getting the towing capacity you need is also possible, especially on the larger models. If you feel interested in getting more ground clearance so that you don't bottom out at the end of the driveway or get stuck in deep snow, a used SUV is the perfect solution.

We have a few models that we regularly carry on our lot because we know they're a great fit for drivers near San Benito. Most notably, we love the Ford Escape, a compact SUV that seats up to five people. Ford started making this model in 2001, and it's an ideal vehicle for anyone interested in getting the extra ground clearance without buying a massive SUV. If you're trying to find an SUV that's a little larger and provides more seating capacity, try out the Ford Explorer. It has seating for up to seven people, and most drivers like the extra cargo space.

Used Truck Options

The market expanded its truck options over the last several decades, and some trucks offer anywhere from a few thousand pounds of towing capacity to close to 20,000 pounds. Some trucks have small beds, and others are big enough to be valuable with a construction company, landscaping business, or another type of industry. Trucks are also great for people who need a vehicle for camping, fishing, and other types of recreation where you would use large vehicles and equipment. You'll also like a truck if you want to do a lot of home projects yourself and need a truck bed to move materials around Mercedes.

One of the best trucks in the industry is the Ford F-150. This model is a great option for many drivers near Edcouch because of its size. The exact towing capacity can vary according to the year, but most years offer at least several thousand pounds of towing capacity. You'll also like that this Ford truck model gives you the option between three cab styles, including the Regular Cab, Super Cab, and SuperCrew Cab.

Used Sedan Options

If you're ready to find a beautiful vehicle to drive to work in, a sedan might be just the option for you. Sedans continue to be popular with our customers because these cars often offer better gas mileage than their larger SUV counterparts. You'll like driving a sedan in the city better than a larger vehicle, too. The Ford Fusion is a mid-size sedan that comes in one of four configurations. The Ford sedan also typically offers a great gas rating for the highway.

Please stop by our dealership near La Feria when you need a used vehicle and want to talk to sales staff that's going to be here for you every step of the way. We'd love the opportunity to get you and your family inside a used vehicle for a test drive.