Schedule Tire Service in Harlingen, TX

If you'd like to keep your Ford vehicle in the best condition possible, you want to maintain routine service for your tires. Along with keeping your vehicle operating as it should on the road, tires that are in the best condition can also keep you safe. You won't want to drive around on tires that don't have enough tread or that lose pressure. Please visit Boggus Ford Harlingen if you need tire care advice or want to secure a fresh set of tires.


An alignment is one of the most common services offered by our service center. We will adjust the suspension during an alignment so that the tires and wheels are at just the right angle for your vehicle. This step can ensure proper handling and even wear and tear while driving around San Benito. You should try to have this service performed about once a year. If you run over bumps or holes in the road and notice an odd vibration or your Ford pulling to one side of the road, you might need to get it aligned.

Keep in mind that while this service can benefit your tires, it's really performed on your vehicle's suspension. Once the angle of the way the tires attach to your vehicle changes, it changes how the tires sit on the road. You'll usually notice a change in how your car handles, as it should drive straight instead of veering to one side if you were to take your hands off the steering wheel.


If you're in the market for new tires, then the tire center professionals at our dealership near Mercedes can offer advice about the size and brand to get before installing and mounting them on your vehicle. We will remove the old tires from your vehicle and properly dispose of them before putting on new tires and balancing them. Tire professionals will usually check the rims to ensure that there is no damage before mounting the tires.

You might need new tires if you notice uneven wear and tear on one or more of them or if you want something that's a different size than what you have to change the appearance and handling of your vehicle. You could also get new tires for the winter months to have more tread on them, which is beneficial for driving in snowy conditions outside of La Feria. You would then have other tires mounted before the summer season if you don't get all-season tires that you can use in any weather condition.


A tire rotation is a service that involves changing the position of your tires in a certain pattern so that they get even wear from the front to the rear. If you notice that your front tires or tires on one side are wearing unevenly after driving around Edcouch, then it could be because there's more strain on those tires than the others. This service should occur approximately every 5,000 miles.


If you notice any rattling or vibrating, then it could be due to the tires not being properly balanced. When we perform this service, the weight in each tire will get equally distributed so that they all carry weight the same. If one tire tends to carry more weight than the others, then it could result in uneven wear and tear due to the vehicle pulling to one side of the road or another scenario. A balancing service typically occurs with an alignment. You should try to have your tires balanced every 3,000 to 6,000 miles that you drive around Santa Rosa, TX. A good way to remember when to have them balanced is to get it done when you have your oil changed.