Explore Ford Financing in Harlingen, TX

If you are in the market for a vehicle, you may have wondered what your options are for paying for it. While it would be nice to be able to purchase the vehicle outright, that is simply not attainable for the majority of those in the market today. Instead, financing the new purchase through the dealer or a third-party lender is the most common option.

That is why we at Boggus Ford Harlingen put so much effort into our financing department. We want the car buying experience to be as seamless as possible and never want our buyers to overpay. If you are near San Benito and are in the market for a new vehicle, consider stopping by Harlingen, TX, to see our great inventory and learn more about our flexible financing options.

What Vehicles Are Eligible for Financing?

Our entire inventory! That means no matter the year, make, or model, we will offer the option to finance the vehicle through our financing department! Some lenders can be a bit more hesitant when financing an older vehicle and may raise the interest rate, require a larger down payment, or offer a shorter term length.

We do not discriminate towards the age or model of your vehicle here at Boggus Ford Harlingen, and you can expect to get the best rates around Santa Rosa, TX, no matter the vehicle!

Do I Have to Use Financing Option?

No. We do not require you to finance your new purchase through us. If you wish to purchase your vehicle in full or finance through another lender, you will not be faced with any additional fees or roadblocks. However, because we are dedicated to serving the La Feria community, if you find a better rate elsewhere, there is a good chance our team can match it! Allowing our customers to purchase and finance their vehicle through us helps reduce the headache, so it is something we love offering!

Do I Need a Large Down Payment to Finance?

No! We know that everyone's situation is different, so allowing for flexible down payment options allows our customers to do what is best for them. Of course, the larger the down payment you use, the less your monthly payment will be. But, if you do not have a lot to put down and the monthly payment is still within your budget, we are able to allow for little to no money down for many of our buyers!

Stop by Boggus Ford Harlingen near Edcouch to see your options when it comes to financing a vehicle purchase, and do not let a down payment requirement prevent you from buying the vehicle you need!

Do I Need a High Credit Score to Finance?

No! We take pride in being able to approve more buyers than just about anyone else in Mercedes. And, unlike some other lenders, we will never offer a loan that can be seen as "predatory." If you have a sufficient reliable income for the monthly payment, you will be financing. We see no reason to turn you away! We can even offer great rates to those with a rocky credit history.

Some may be wondering if having a high credit score will benefit them at Boggus Ford Harlingen. The answer to that question is "yes!". Those with stellar credit scores can take advantage of various offers we are running, and you can save on interest rates or even get special financing options. If you are near Harlingen, TX, and are in the market for a vehicle, stop by today!