Collision Auto Glass


In collisions and accidents, the glass on your vehicle can be damaged. It could be a small speck that eventually grows to a spider crack, or a running crack across the windshield. It may also threaten the integrity of the roof, as the windshield is one of the strongest pieces on your body.

Since windshields are made of multiple panes of glass, they are very critical to your vehicle.

Boggus Ford's Collision Center will replace or repair your damaged windshield with the exact glass that is made for your vehicle - direct from the manufacturer. We will refit the glass to original equipment specifications.

It is not just windshields that we replace or repair. It is every pane of glass - including side glass, back glass, door glass, and quarter glass on vans. We also replace pre-tinted glass where applicable.

Plus, whenever we have to do any repair on a part of a vehicle's body, we will ensure that the undamaged piece of glass will be replaced exactly to the same specification to when we removed it.

All of our work are backed by a lifetime warranty.

To find out more, contact us at Boggus Ford's Collision Center. Make an appointment to have your glass worked

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