Most of us do not spend all of our time driving in a straight line. In fact, most of the time you probably spend turning your vehicle in one direction or the other. Every time you do your tires need to turn at different speeds. If they don't, they will slip across the pavement and handle very roughly. Here at our service center in Harlingen, TX, we can service all types of differentials to keep you turning smoothly.

Engines run at a steady rate; they do not provide different amounts of power to different tires. A differential is necessary to help the tires rotate at the proper speed while turning. It sits on the axle and when engaged utilizes a series of gears to ramp down the power coming from the transmission.

If you have started to notice a grinding noise while turning or your tires slipping, bring your vehicle to our wonderful service team at Boggus Ford Harlingen today.

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