If you've been searching for a used vehicle near Mercedes, San Benito, or beyond, but need one that has a much lower price, you'll want to take a closer look at the current used vehicles available in our bargain inventory. This collection of low-priced used cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans includes multiple vehicles for every type of Harlingen, TX, area driver, with each model costing less than $20,000. Visit our Boggus Ford Harlingen dealership to learn more about our bargain inventory and how it can help you with your budgetary requirements.

Why Choose a Used Vehicle from Our Bargain Inventory? 

There are many reasons why Edcouch, La Feria, and Santa Rosa, TX, area drivers choose to search through our bargain inventory. These include:

  • Under 20K Prices - Of course, the biggest reason to purchase a used vehicle in our bargain inventory is the overall price. Every used model in this lineup costs less than $20,000, giving you an opportunity to save money on the vehicle you love. This lower price should make your monthly payments lower, lessen the amount required for a down payment, and may even lower your insurance, tax, and interest fees.
  • Reliable Vehicles - We strive to offer our Harlingen, TX, area drivers the highest-quality used vehicles on the market. Our team of certified technicians thoroughly inspects each vehicle before it can be added to our inventory, ensuring that it's well taken care of and prepared to provide a long-lasting driving experience.
  • Wide Variety of Options - We understand that not every Mercedes, San Benito, and Edcouch driver is looking for the same type of vehicle. We pack our bargain inventory with multiple different models, each ranging in make, trim level, luxury level, and price range. We want you to find the used vehicle you need for the price you want.

What Types of Vehicles are in the Bargain Inventory?

Because of the low prices and excellent quality, our bargain inventory is constantly changing. We strive to offer as many used vehicles as we can, but these models won't last for long. Some of our most popular vehicles for under 20K include: 

  • Used Ford Vehicles for Under $20,000 - Ranging from the Ford Focus to the Ford Escape
  • Used Honda Vehicles for Under $20,000 - Ranging from the Honda Accord to the Honda Civic
  • Used Subaru Vehicles for Under $20,000 - Ranging from the Subaru Outback to the Subaru Impreza
  • Used Toyota Vehicles for Under $20,000 - Ranging from the Toyota RAV4 to the Toyota Tundra
  • And Many Other Used Vehicles for Under $20,000

Contact Boggus Ford Harlingen to Test Drive a Bargain Inventory Vehicle

If one of our under 20K cars, trucks, SUVs, or vans catches your eye, we recommend contacting us as soon as possible. As we mentioned earlier, these bargain vehicles won't last long, and you'll want to act quickly to purchase the used vehicle you need. Reach out to our Boggus Ford Harlingen team to schedule a test drive or to discuss your purchasing options. We'd love to answer your questions, walk you through the purchasing process, and get you behind the wheel of any of our used vehicles today! We even have multiple online finance tools to help you begin your purchase right away, and we'd love to buy your vehicle from you if you're looking to trade it in for a newer model. Talk to our team to learn more, or stop by our Harlingen, TX, dealership at your next convenience.